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Two Customer Types That Have Computer Problems

Two Customer Types That Have computer Problems

Customer one – the do it yourself customer. This customer is all about DIY no know enough about computers to try and fix it themselves. But this can lead to making it worse actually! They may of tried to fix it themselves and spend many hours and possibly making it worse. If they have done this they are probably feeling very frustrated and a little defeated. If they take another look at the computer they may through it out the windows. So taking it off their hands or organizing a time as soon as possible to look at it will be a great relief to them.

Customer two – The I hate technology customer. This one when asked technical questions will just clam up they have no idea about technology and just want the stupid thing fixed. Rightly so computers and the software that runs on them are very complex. Boring or scaring off the customer is not a good idea. With my dealings with customers I try to never use technical jargon and when I need to explain an idea I use analogies from real life. No one likes to feel dumb and it is not necessary to reign over your customer with your technical know how.

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