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Tips On Working With Printer Driver Problems

Tips On Working With Printer Driver Problems

Getting printers to work can be quite fickle sometimes! Printer drivers sometimes have to be very exact for the particular computer you are using. Also finding the drivers can be troublesome.

Okay so you will need to get the operating system you are using and if the computer is 32bit or 64bit. To do find this computer or computer in the start menu and right click and select properties. On the right hand side you can see information on your computer you might have to scroll down for this. You are looking for the windows version eg windows 8 and the system type eg 32 bits.

Now find a website that has your EXACT make and model of printer and the correct driver for the windows and bit version! This is sometimes not so easy! So google search for the make and model eg Epson 1420 printer driver. You will need to make sure you do not go to websites which are junk there are many usually. First look for the brand website so you would check the Epson authenticate website first.

You may have to try the it in several sites even for the name brand site. They might not house the driver there anymore for example. So you might have to go to the .com and etc.

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