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How To Roll Back A Driver In Windows 8

How To Roll Back A Driver In Windows 8

If you are experiencing issues after installing a device or updating a driver you can rollback the driver or do a system restore to return the computer to a state which was good for you.

To rollback a driver: Go Start – system (find it under settings) – device manager – Find the object which is giving you grief eg network adapter – right click and go properties – to to driver tab and click roll back driver. If it is unavailable then there are no previous version of the driver.

Another one you can use is system restore. Go Start – system (find it under settings) – go system protection – select system restore button – choose the restore point to go back to where the computer was working better. You should disable your anti virus programs “on access” scanner (the one that constantly does scans) otherwise the system restore may not work! You can usually do this buy finding it on the system tray next to the clock bottom right of the screen and right clicking. There should be an option like “disable protection” etc. Make sure you re enable this once you have done the system restore!

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