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How To Fix Computer Hard Drive Problems.

How To Fix Computer Hard Drive Problems.

Hard drives even in this day and age are still not infallible. They could just stop working. This is no so bad in terms of the money that you paid for the device as storage is very inexpensive now days but your data could be irreplaceable!

Of could the fix thing you should of done is have a back up of your data. You could use something like dropbox, google drive or have an offline system to another external hard drive. But this will be going through what to do if you had not had this in place already.

So your hard drive does not work. Now if the hard drive has not had any physical damage to it it is more likely that the data can be retrieved. If it has had a bad knock then something physically might be wrong with the device. What is best is if the hard drive is not being registered when you plug it in to the computer.

If it is not being registered when plugged into the computer then it could be something wrong with what we call, the logical disk. There are a few things you can try:

1. Plug it into another computer.
2. Try plugging it into a mac based computer

If it does not come up in computer where you see all your other drives you could also try and go computer management. In here you can see a list of the devices. If you see it in here it is a good sign.. You may be able to right click on it if you see it in here and assign a drive letter to it. Then go back to computer and see it there and access your data.

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