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How Does Online Computer Repairs Work?

How Does Online Computer Repairs Work?

Online computer repairs is one of the quickest way to get customers on their feet again. Some benefits include: lower cost, quicker fix less hassle overall for both parties. The software that makes this possible is of course complex but the way it works in practicality is simple – just how we like it.

It starts with a customer having an issue. We establish if they have internet connectivity as this is necessary for a remote session. Things that this would be appropriate for would be an application issue, not being able to send or receive email or just needing some general training or tips of some kind.

We then get the customer to install the application that will allow us to remotely connect. A popular application is Team viewer. There are two options a quick connect application or the normal application. It is normally always best to install the normal application on the customers computer doing this allows more features such as being able to reboot the computer which is nearly always necessary when fixing issues. Getting the customer to this stage takes only about 10 minutes then you can fix their issue now and in the future the facility to remote to their computer can be there if need be.

Next the customer simply needs to support the id and password to access the computer. The software is complex as it is able to navigate around firewalls on your computer and the network router so no other details or set ups are required. Once remoted in, both parties have control of the mouse and keyboard and there is a chat facility there as well.

The customer can show and tell the technician what the issue is. Usually then the technician will need perhaps as hour or so to fix the issue or do the set ups. After complete then they can show the customer what they have done. It is exactly like sitting in front of the customers computer!

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