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How Do I Maintain My Personal Computer

How Do I Maintain My Personal Computer

Maintaining your computer is easy. Most people treat their computer as an appliance and just expect it to run until it breaks down and THEN they will get a person in to fix it. Though there are a few things you can do especially on the software side to ensure it keeps running its best. I’d recommend doing the below every two months. It would be easy to put this into your calendar for example to remind you. I’ll be going over how to do this on Windows 8

1. Make sure you have enough disk space

Go to start menu and type computer or this computer. Check and see that your drive with the windows symbol has at least 10% disk space available. This will ensure that the disk defrag which should be working automatically on windows 8 is able to work effectively.

2. Run chkdsk
Go start – cmd – right click on item on left – select run as administrator – type in the black box that comes up “chkdsk c: /r” it will ask if you want to check it on reboot say Y. Then restart the computer.

3. Make sure defrag is working and or run it every few months.
Go start type defrag – go to settings and select optimize drives. Check that for the system drive (probably c:) that it is running and has been run recently.

4. Remove start up items you are not using
Right click on your task menu on an empty space and select task manager. Go to start up tab and right click and select disable for any items you do not use on start up. An example could be if you only use Skype every couple or weeks or so. Then you do not need it to be running in the back ground all the time sucking up resources or slowing boot up time.

5. Ensure system restore is on
This is to ensure that if you computer software breaks through installing something you are able to reverse the issue. This is important! You can do this by going start – system restore – under settings area select create a restore point. You will see the system drive select configure. It should be on and a decent amount of disk space reserved for it. I’d recommend about 1gig or 1000 MB

6. Clear internet cache on your browser
Go to your browser eg for Firefox go to the menu top right go to advanced then select clear now. Google search to find out how to do this on other browsers.

These things above even if done every 6 months might save your computer for disaster and certainly keep your computer speedy.

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