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Having A Pro Helping You Sorting Out Your Computer.

Having A Pro Helping You Sorting Out Your Computer.

We were not all born IT geniuses. Maybe none of us is born an IT genius, but some of us are clever enough to become one. Or at least have the necessary passion and drive to become one. Certainly not me.

I remember in high school back in the ’80s, a computer class was for me like studying the aliens. All those computer languages and programming codes. I quickly knew I was not the least interested. I actually was not very drawn by technology in general. Anyways in an era where technology is ever so growing I tried my best to know at least the basics of computers.

Then at college I started to learn more about different Microsoft programs and eventually had to put my computer skills at use for work. But that is as far as my knowledge goes. If there are technical problems I do not know where to start looking at.

That’s when knowing someone able to fix your computer comes in handy. I am lucky, my boyfriend is an IT consultant. Most of the time when he sees my frustration with the machine he steps in before I can commit unrepairable damage.

“Let me have a look” he says. And then he’s on the case. So many times he was able to find and quickly remove hidden viruses or reinstall the system completely, update Wi-Fi and so on. And it only takes him minutes. This is definitely a bonus otherwise I will have to deal with the dilemma of choosing a good computer repair business.

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