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3 Reasons Your Computer Is Shutting Down

3 Reasons Your Computer Is Shutting Down

Too hot
Your computer can never be too cool. The CPU (Brain chip) works best if it is at cooler temperatures. That is why you have a fan just for the CPU. If the CPU gets too hot (over 100 degrees) it is normally set to shut the computer down to avoid damage to the computer. Reasons why it might be getting too hot could be that a program or virus is over taxing the CPU constantly although this is unlikely to cause it to spike to 100% if the fan and thermal paste is good. But could happen I guess. Another reason could be that the fan is faulty (da!) or that the thermal paste on the CPU is not good or not applied correctly. A professional should be called to deal with these issues they can clean or change the CPU fan and or reapply the thermal paste.

Driver problem
A corrupt driver could cause a haul in the computer causing it to “blue screen” and restart. Drivers are the software that make hard ware pieces run on the computer. Your WiFi card for example can’t just be joined to the rest of your computer and expected to work. They need to talk or interface with each other. The way they do this is driver software. Drivers can be bad if they are updated with a poor version or a change in the computer (windows updates for example) causes windows to not talk so well with the device anymore making it crash. You can rollback drivers and reverse changes to windows update if need to fix this issue.

Hardware problem
Apart from heating problems other hardware issues could be bad ram (memory of the computer) dying hard driver motherboard problem to name a few. Ram is not such a big problem as it can most easily be replaced but a hard drive or motherboard can much more expensive. A motherboard is expensive just itself as it would need a specialist to check the chips on the motherboard or a replacement = $$. The hard drive can be expensive as well because you have to buy the hard drive but to reinstall the operating system and to get it to a state that you like (like it was before) needs time.

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