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2 Alternative Places To Get Computer Help

2 Alternative Places To Get Computer Help

Your friend. You may have a go to friend who is more technical. Where you see chaos she sees clarity in technology. They may or may not be an IT professional that does not matter as long as they can get your technical problem fixed you are happy. One thing you need to look out for where IT companies should have a particular way to do things when it comes to an issue an individual might be shooting from the hip. For example virus removal we cover the full spectrum to fix not just what the customer is experiencing but also other things that will prevent the issue from happening in the future. If you use an individual they are probably not process minded and just fix the issue that you are having which could be likely to pop up again in the future.

Online. This is the fix it yourself option. There are a wealth of communities online that provide free help for technology issues. Many are in a forum style website where you post your issue and get people responding with information. This could be a way to get the problem fixed for free! If it is simple someone ideally will respond and you can click a few buttons and done.

There are some cons to this though. Often people are slow to respond. To you your issue may be the most urgent thing in the world to you. Even if you do get a response to someone who knows what they are doing they may only check into this every couple of days. It could take I while to fix therefore. People often respond with stock responses without looking exactly what your issue is. This could cause you to go on a 2 hour goose chase with no result.

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